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Moving to wordpress

Hello everybody. TL;DR - I'm in a new place baby! Check wordpress:   Blogger is constantly making my life even more miserable than before - I have to struggle to get formatting right in each post and it throws everything off with each paragraph. Even without doodles it does things worse than MS Word ever did to me. To fix it I'd need to code. If I knew how to code I wouldn't make blog on blogger. Also the app for android lacks option to view scheduled posts - WHICH IS MOST OF WHAT I'M WORKING ON. I'm not taking this blog down so old references and reddit blogrolls will still be relevant. But every post (with small doses of editing) will be moved to worpress blog DAILY - almost a whole month of content day by day (recycled content). Starting 1st of October.
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Exalted - need for relevancy in presented material

I finally tackle the Exalted and what can we learn from it. For starters - what is Exalted? It is a system with Storyteller mechanics (World of Darkness) set in mystical, fantasy ancient world where god are rules of the world and it is full of potential which could be changed. At first there was just book for Solars. They were ancient God-Kings, exalted by the Sun God, biggest, baddest, bestest people in the world - warriors capable of fighting entire armies or even forces of universe, inventors singlehandedly making computer level tech in ancient world, diplomats solving centuries long wars with few words. And the world you are thrown in is kinda postapocalyptic. Like after Bronze Age Collapse. You had them ruling the world. But some ancient curse and intrigues of their peers and servants made them vanish from the world for thousands of years. Slowly their magical and technological inventions were lost, ruined, forgotten. By the time you start playing world shrank. There is like a per

Local classes - dangers and gods

  Glacier Exposure is a place of few distinct groups of elite people. The way I imagine this is after every adventure PCs will stay with locals for season or even year. I think there are adventures to be done but it would be anticlimactic to just stumble from place to place, do what you gotta do and leave. It's also realistic way to learn certain classes - after beating huge yeti team stays with grateful villagers who feed them, heal them and party with them. And as they are local heroes each will be able to learn some prestige secrets. I imagine each season in such training would give one ability from a class so players could come back to their masters or find new once in new places. Maybe they could mix teachings of different masters and then unite witches or hunters of all tribes by showing their not so different. It is also hook for adventure. <Outlines of giant fauna> Biggest or rather most common hardship in these lands is hunger. Sometimes it takes one i

Levels, Tiers, Experience and Rewards

 The game is planned for 8 levels. The power level caps at around 4-6th level in DnD-adjacent OSR games. How does it work? 1st level is basically Funnel level from DCC. You get up to 8 grit, probably less, which translates to 1-2 hit vitality. You're a minion in heroic reality. You get your attributes, your background and whatever baggage you got and say "Hello World". 1st level PCs are fragile, weak even, have to be most focused on making smart decisions and thinking before doing anything possibly dangerous. 1st level is the grinder after which you come with the shield or are left somewhere because no one else is there to carry you on one. I think 1st level would take from 1 up to 3 sessions to accomplish - longer grinders are only for most hardcore groups. It's basically one adventure after which you gained enough experience to become somewhat competent. 2nd level is the start to new horizons. You get second Grit Die 1d8 so you'd probably be more sturdy this tim

Random encounters, wandering monsters and intentions

I really got stuck writing this article. I did it probably two months before publication, but it was one of biggest blocks during my blogging. I spoke some wisdom about my random encounters writing about Glacier Exposure setting. Heh, wisdom. So, I think there should be less "random" encounters in games. Because this randomisation sometimes covers possible fun endeavours, because you have only 1-in-X chances for it. Also they are getting everywhere. I mean - not every travel has to have encounter per hex. Not every walk on city streets has to end up bumping onto drunk students, beggar or religious procession. Random encounters are best when they happen on a purpose. Let me explain on and example. <Dice> AngryGM in Megadungeon Monday presents at some point, allow me to bail on checking which one of 44+ articles was it, idea of random encounters in a dungeon. But this dungeon is very much like metroid video game, it's planned and well thought out, and encounters are p

Civilization, settlements, technology, survival

This topic and design are important. Probably most PCs will come to the Northern Exposure via civilised folk places, I don't expect too much of PCs starting "I struggled my way through untamed wilderness to meet local tribe" or something. I may be wrong. But even if I'm wrong it's important to create something wholesome and not just another empire invading the region. First things first - why even there are such settlements in this cold winter region full of dangerous monsters and fierce people? There has to be some incentive. And I think I know just what it is. Iron. I mean, I think of this overall world as kinda bronze/iron age conanesque place, and searching for reliable source of iron ore would be reasonable. Maybe not entirely reliable but I'd have to assume it had greater value than most materials today. That's why fantasy economics are usually whack and throw me off. I understand it's done sometimes to allow poor heroes purchase weapons on low l

Backgrounds and Abilities

I can't believe I've waited so long to make a big attributes reveal. But first - two meta comments (about this blog). 1st - this is first on line of articles Blogger deemed faulty because of coding errors. I don't know duck about coding and didn't even try todo something but apparently I broke it with just my words. I'm a ducking mage. 2nd - I checked my blog statistics and it turns out most of my viewers comes from three countries (besides US on the first place but it's no surprise) - Sweden, Poland and Germany. Next places are also natively english speaking but you get these articles in your own language, this should be gratification itself. So to my Swedish, Polish and German friends - ¿Cómo estás? Jak się macie, rodacy? Wie geht's? Okay, I don't even know if there is significant Spanish minority in Sweden so - Hur mår du? Tell if I ducked it up because it's from translator. The closest I was to Swedish was when I was thinking of a trip to Bornh